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  • $159.95

    T3 Chinless Boxing Headgear

    Ideal for boxing sparring. No chin design with custom closure & cheek protection.

    A traditional boxing headgear that gives you the best sparring experience. The custom T-shaped closure delivers a perfect fit and prevents it from shifting mid-fight. It has a light, low profile design with the widest field of view in its category. T3 Headgear was built to last, using high-quality microfiber leather and lining that protects from odor-causing bacteria.

    • Low profile, no chin design
    • T-Cross patented closure
    • Adjustable chin strap
    • Cheek protection
    • One size fits most
    • Ultra durable microfiber leather
    • Protection from odor causing bacteria
    • Improved ventilation with open top and ears
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  • $249.95

    T3 Kanpeki Headgear

    Wide field of view. Chin Protection. Easy to put on. Premium full grain leather.

    Our top of the line T3 with 100% premium full-grain leather makes Kanpeki our most luxurious Headgear. Ideal for competition and sparring.

    State of the art equipment that lets you strike harder, train longer and perform better. The T-Cross strap system ensures a secure, comfortable fit. Flexible and lightweight, with wider field of view and a low-profile surface to help deflect strikes. Full face coverage and integrated chin cup for maximum protection. Hand-crafted, 100% full grain leather. And antimicrobial technology keeps the headgear fresh, longer.

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  • $159.95

    T3 Headgear

    Exceptional comfort and secure fit, designed to stay in place with every strike.

    Designed by our in-house team, T3 is the crowning result of our obsession with research, testing and development.

    • Low profile design maximizes strike deflection for ultimate protection.
    • T-Cross closure prevents unwanted shifting and ensures a customized fit.
    • Antimicrobial lining inhibit bacteria, reducing unpleasant odors.
    • Crush Zone core for ultimate shock absorption and force dispersion.
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