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  • $139.95

    PTS 3 Micro Focus Mitts

    Compact boxing mitts with air pocket

    They are compact, light and perfect for high speed training drills. The air pocket cushions the impact and makes a distinct pop when a punch lands in the sweet spot. These will become an essential part of your go to gear, training session after training session, for years to come.

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  • $149.95

    PTS 3 Focus Mitts

    Tear drop shape focus mitts with reinforced spine

    The right size for any type of training. The teardrop shape helps avoid unwanted wrist torque from potential miss hits. It has a reinforced spine to maintain its curve and prevent foam breakdown. These will be your go to Focus Mitts, drill after drill, for years to come.

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  • $219.95

    PTS 3 Thai Pads

    Pre-curved, standard size Muay Thai Pads

    Our Thai pads were designed to take endless amounts of punishment. The average muay thai roundhouse kick packs an avg. of 1200 pounds of force which is why we obsessed about every detail of the pad’s construction. It’s made of a high quality 5 layer foam composition, all lace construction, reinforced handles, dual expanded straps and crack resistant shell. We also made these to last a long time for you and your gym. We used non-absorbent materials that are easy to wipe and keep clean after every training session.

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