Ikusa Charged 10oz Gloves


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The Ikusa® Charged 10oz Gloves drive performance and support hand and wrist protection better than other gloves on the market. Thanks to Hayabusa’s Exclusive technologies and sophisticated designs, these gloves are guaranteed to exceed expectations when it comes to wrist support, performance, fit and comfort.

Why We Made It

Equipment built to help you push limits, overcome obstacles and meet challenges head on...this is your fight, rise above.

Dual-X Closure

The multi-directional Dual-X closure is unmatched when it comes to hand and wrist stabilization for the best protection and injury prevention possible.

Fusion Splinting

Fusion Splinting technology ensures proper wrist and thumb alignment, providing more support leading to increased power while avoiding strain and injury.

Crush Zone

Our triple-layer inner core absorbs impact and dissipates energy quickly and effectively leading to improved performance.

Engineered Leather

The outer shell is crafted with the best synthetics to ensure exceptional durability and withstand the most intense training.


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