Marvel Thor Boxing Gloves


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The mighty Thor is the dedicated leader of Asgard and a symbol of bravery. As the god of thunder and wielder of Mjölnir, his duty is to protect the realms and its people. Using two unique designs, these gloves were made to reflect Thor’s classic armor, Asgardian heritage, and iconic hammer.

These gloves are based on our award-winning T3 gloves, giving you the wrist support, hand protection, & comfort/fit you deserve.


  • Custom Thor design with intricate hero details
  • Dual-X interlocking wrist strap closure for a perfect fit
  • World-renowned splinted support for wrist alignment
  • Multi-layer technology foam composition for ultimate knuckle protection
  • Ultra soft temperature regulating lining keeps your hands cool
  • Unparalleled material & build quality
  • Hayabusa X Marvel certificate of authenticity


  • Wrist Protection: Dual-X®, plus 2x Fusion Splinting®
  • Hand Protection: Multi-layered technology foam (Deltra-EG™)
  • Closure: Dual-X® hook and loop closure
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic Sweat-X™ thumb positioning & inner pocket design
  • Lining: Temperature regulating AG fabric™
  • Material: Engineered leather (Vylar®)
  • Other components: Attached thumb, perforated palm, foam grip bar

Proper, Powerful Punches

Exclusive design protects and performs. The foam structure runs from your knuckles down over the top of your wrist to protect you from injuries, and increase your performance.

All Sizes. All Needs. Perfect Fit.

The fully adjustable Dual-X® closure system works by combining 2 straps, providing unparalleled wrist support while allowing you to customize the fit of your Thor Boxing Gloves.

Hand Protection You Can Trust

Hayabusa Thor Boxing Gloves feature a specialized multi-layer foam composition designed to protect and retain its high performance impact properties after years of heavy use. Each layer of foam serves a purpose in absorbing impacts to dissipate energy so your hand is ready to land the next strike.

Feel The Difference

Tried and tested ergonomics. The thumb position, pocket size, and design deliver the most comfortable and secure fit on the market.

Details That Make A Difference

Intricate design and materials. Each glove has dozens of design elements that make them truly unique and part of the Marvel Hero Elite series.

Hand Made

Experienced artisans build each glove. High end materials, advanced techniques, and expert craftsmanship prepare every glove for high performance training.

Wrist Protection

2x Splint

The dual splint design prevents your wrist from bending or becoming misaligned. The built-in support in the glove makes the use of hand wraps optional.


The dual strap closure provides a lace-like fit which creates hand and wrist stabilization for the best protection and injury prevention.

Hand Protection

Layered Foam

Our foam characteristics allow instant recovery from strikes, so you're always protected and ready for the next punch.


These gloves have been designed with an optimized ergonomic thumb pocket that is positioned to eliminate awkward strain on both thumb and wrist.

Fit & Feel

Odor Resist Lining

Our exclusive AG fabric liner includes XT2 an antimicrobial technology possessing anti-odor and antibacterial properties.

Microfiber Leather

VYLAR®-2 (Vegan)
Best outer material for combat equipment (University of Cincinnati study, 201#)