Lightweight Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi

Get one step ahead of the competition at your next BJJ tournament.


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Built with some of the lightest gi materials ever made, the Pro Lightweight Gi feels super light and flows with your every move.

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Why We Made It

Our goal was to combine: the lightest materials, the strongest weave, reinforced areas, make it easy to patch, and of course, be IBJJF compliant.
The result is a gi that feels incredibly light. When you put it on you’ll immediately feel the difference from any other competition gi you’ve tried before. Its comfort is second to none, without sacrificing the performance you expect from Hayabusa.

Hayabusa Pro Lightweight Gi

The Hayabusa Experience

A lot goes through your mind when you compete in BJJ. You need to hone your skills, be humble, be smart and, of course, make weight.

We are constantly listening to our community of pros, devoted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches and practitioners, which is why we decided to build a competition gi from the ground up.

Weight per size:
A0 - 3.1lbs/1.4kgs
A1 - 3.3lbs/1.5kgs
A2 - 3.5lbs/1.6kgs
A3 - 3.8lbs/1.7kgs
A4 - 4.0lbs/1.8kgs
A5 - 4.2lbs/1.9kgs