S4 Boxing Glove with Hand Wrap


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If you’re looking to start things off right, our S4 Boxing Glove kit is for you! It’s got everything the Hayabusa experience has to offer; proper protection, solid wrist support, and an ergonomic fit. You also get a pair of black hand wraps and a wash bag, making the S4 kit the best bang for your buck as a beginner.

Why We Made It

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we figured, why not make the best possible starter glove kit at a price most beginners would find hard pass up starting out. Don't get us wrong, you're still getting a Hayabusa experience: proper protection, solid wrist support, and an ergonomic fit. We wanted to make it easy for you starting out, so these gloves also come with hand wraps and a wash bag!

You’ve got everything you need, now go start practicing!

What We Love About Them

You get the best bang for your buck with our S4 Gloves. If you consider yourself a beginner or are just starting your journey into boxing, then this boxing glove kit is perfect for you!

Worried about hurting yourself starting out? Don't be, between your free hand wraps, splinted wrist support, and extra impact foam, you can feel confident that your hands will still feel great by the end of the workout.

Perfect Fit and Feel from Day One

No break-in period. Ergonomic thumb and hand position. An inner foam complex that absorbs energy like no other and delivers the best performance for all types of training.

Industry-Leading Wrist Support

The best closure system ever created. Hayabusa’s patented wrist support technology helps eliminate hand strain to ensure the best in protection and safety.

Consistent Performance and Durability, Punch After Punch

Hayabusa gloves are built to last. The attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantees a glove as resilient as the athletes who use it


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