T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves

Ultimate fit, protection and performance.


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Our top of the line T3 made with 100% premium full-grain leather makes Kanpeki our most luxurious Boxing Gloves. Available in 12oz and 16oz ideal for bag, pads and sparring.

Feature Breakdown

Premium Leather

Premium, full grain leather outer shell - an unrivalled fusion of new world technology with old world tradition.

Dual X

The multi-directional Dual-X closure is unmatched when it comes to hand and wrist stabilization for the best protection and injury prevention possible.

Fusion Splinting

Fusion Splinting technology ensures proper wrist and thumb alignment, providing more support leading to increased power while avoiding strain and injury.

Deltra-EG with Crush Zone

Our top-grade foam complex doesn’t need breaking in - it feels perfect from the first punch. Each strike generates an incredible amount of force and kinetic energy concentrated in one small area. Our Deltra-EG absorbs the impact, dissipates energy and is immediately ready for the next punch.

XT2 Lining

The XT2 antimicrobial technology inhibits bacterial growth to minimize odor. It also has thermoregulating properties to keep you cooler during training.


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Why We Made It

Be prepared to wield the ultimate weapon. A glove built to push performance limits just as you do. Break down any barriers and rise above; your best is awaiting.

T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves

Nothing will prepare you for a boxing glove like this. The craftsmanship and design gives you the very best equipment you need to strike harder, train longer and perform better. No break-in period, perfect thumb position,100% premium leather exterior and lined with antibacterial fabric. Plus the best closure system ever created.

The Hayabusa Experience

Perfect Fit and Feel from Day One

No break-in period. Ergonomic thumb and hand position. An inner foam complex that absorbs energy like no other and delivers the best performance for all types of training.

Industry-Leading Wrist Support

The best closure system ever created. Hayabusa’s patented wrist support technology helps eliminate hand strain to ensure the best in protection and safety.

Consistent Performance and Durability, Punch After Punch

Hayabusa gloves are built to last. The attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantees a glove as resilient as the athletes who use it