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  • H5 Boxing Gloves

    Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves were created to combine adjustability, comfort, and protection. The stretch wrist strap ensures a secure fit while the ergonomic design and multi layered construction protects your hands and wrists. These gloves provide excellent performance punch after punch.


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  • S4 Youth Boxing Glove

    Protect your child’s hands with S4, the only youth boxing gloves with proper wrist support. Made with high-performance knuckle padding and the support needed to avoid wrist injuries. Its adjustable strap fits securely on smaller hands, while its durable materials protect and last for years to come.


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  • S4 Boxing Glove

    If you’re looking to start things off right, our S4 Boxing Glove is for you! It’s got everything the Hayabusa experience has to offer; proper protection, solid wrist support, and an ergonomic fit.


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