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  • Quick Gel Hand Wraps

    The fastest way to wrap your hands for training. Quick Gel Hand Wraps take seconds to put on and feel great under your boxing gloves. Its gel/foam padding protects your knuckles, while its perfect stretch wrap support your wrists.


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  • T3 LX Boxing Gloves

    The Next Generation Of Kanpeki: Hayabusa T3 LX. The best boxing gloves in the world are now handcrafted with luxurious full-grain Italian leather. Renowned for its incredible wrist support, the T3 design provides the best hand protection on the market. T3 LX offers a customized, secure fit using dual straps that supports proper, more powerful punches.


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  • eGift Card

    Give the best gift of all… choice!


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  • Combat Mouth Guard

    Hayabusa Combat Mouth Guard is designed specifically for Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and other martial arts. The inner gel replicates your unique bite pattern for a precise, customised fit. Doesn’t feel bulky in your mouth. Helps you breathe like normal with airflow channels. Two layer structure absorbs impacts and disperses energy for ultimate protection.


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Show your passion for your favorite Marvel heroes with our award winning Hayabusa Marvel Hero Eliteā„¢ Boxing Gloves.