Best Selling Products

  • Quick Gel Hand Wraps

    The fastest way to wrap your hands for training. Quick Gel Hand Wraps take seconds to put on and feel great under your boxing gloves. Its gel/foam padding protects your knuckles, while its perfect stretch wrap support your wrists.


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  • PTS 3 Micro Focus Mitts

    They are compact, light and perfect for high speed training drills. The air pocket cushions the impact and makes a distinct pop when a punch lands in the sweet spot. These will become an essential part of your go to gear, training session after training session, for years to come.


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  • Perfect Stretch Printed Hand Wraps

    Designed to protect against common injuries of the hands and wrists, the Hayabusa Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps are a must have for everyone that trains striking.

    Optimal stretch and support with a premium woven label and unnapped hook-and-loop. Protect your hands and strike with confidence!


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  • T3 Headgear

    Designed by our in-house team, T3 is the crowning result of our obsession with research, testing and development.


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